Open your Heart to LOVE

Fill your life with LIGHT




 Seichim is the original full power system for connecting with the Living Light.

 Seichim is about balance, harmony and unconditional love.

The feminine power of the Divine Mother (Ying) of Seichim balances the Yang of Reiki.

 Seichim takes you to the very core of your being, enfolding you in the nurturing and healing energy of the Goddess.

Each attunement is a heart initiation that further awakens, illuminates and accelerates your soul journey and divine plan carried within the heart as your soul purpose and blueprint. The result is more love, joy, happiness and peace in your life, which you then automatically extend to all those whom you come into contact with.

Seichim is the western pronunciation for the Sanskrit character meaning "living light energy" and is used to designate both the energy itself and the healing system using this energy. Using ancient wisdom, the Seichim initiation empowers the initiate, regardless of belief systems, to use the Divine living light energy as a personal tool for growth and transformation.

 The active use of Seichim promotes healing and balancing of the physical, mental and emotional bodies. Seichim works on the complexities of acute and chronic diseases, as well as anxiety, fatigue, depression, frustration and other symptoms produced by stress.

Living light energy also addresses the subtler aspects of cause, releasing even the deeply held thought forms in the etheric body which create the blockages in our physical form. In the physical body every molecule and cell is affected in a cleansing, balancing, healing manner by consistent use of Seichim.


Seichim Level 1 £85 & Level 2 £125 Workshops:

Levels 1&2 combined Only £150; Save £60

Learn the History & Philosophy of Seichim.

Become attuned to this amazing energy.

Learn all about the Seichim Symbols and how to use them.

Find out how to combine Reiki & Seichim.

Connect with Ascended Masters & Archangels.

Open your heart to LOVE with deep meditations and exercises using the Seichim energy.


                 Seichim 3, Master Workshop: £185

 Enhance your connection to the Seichim Energies with this Master Level workshop and attunement, and further increase your light and growth.

Work with The Brotherhood of LIGHT including St Germain and the Violet Flame, Mother Mary, Hilarion, Archangel Raphael, Lady Nada and more Ascended Masters.

 Create greater balance between the masculine energies of Reiki and the feminine energies of Seichim.

 Scanning techniques are included to help further develop your awareness of the aura and the flow of energy.

Learn the ancient Egyptian Pyramid Healing Technique.




Train to become a fully qualified SEICHIM TEACHER

HTSO Seichim Accredited Teacher Training Course

Prerequisite: Students must have completed Seichim levels 1, 2 and Master levels
email: joanne@htso.org for dates of upcoming courses.

Seichim Teacher Programme £550
An individual consultation
A training workshop including practical experience of giving attunements
and supervised teaching practice.
Attend as many of Joannes workshops as an observer
and assistant teacher as you wish.

A Comprehensive Teachers Folder including complete guidelines in detail for teaching each level of workshop
Bullet Point, Workshop Outlines that are easy to follow for every class from level 1 to Master level
All the exercises and meditations that you need for every class
A Powerpoint Presentation for every class already prepared for you to use.
Digital copies of complete student manuals for every level AND if preferred ,
I can provide the manuals and certificates for you when ever you need them.
(There is a charge for this)

Course Content

The course is designed to give you the expertise and skills to run your business and facilitate workshops in a professional manner and empower you with the confidence to organise and run Seichim workshops, giving you a comprehensive framework for the successful delivery of Seichim workshops and enabling you to confidently teach more advanced students.

The topics covered include

How to structure and prepare the Seichim workshops and talks
How to lead a variety of Seichim meditations, visualisations and exercises
How to give Seichim Attunements
Background knowledge; the history and origins of Seichim, Patrick Zeigler
The Divine Feminine and Seichim
Opening and closing ceremonies
Health and Safety Issues

Meditations, Attunements and Visualisations

Preparations for room, teacher and student
Leading group visualisations, attunement and meditation
Seichim Attunements

Setting up activities
Drawing the Seichim symbols/pictures
Keeping things relaxed and interesting. Teaching methods and styles suitable for Seichim workshops


Please check the Events Calendar for the dates of upcoming workshops or contact Joanne by phone or email.



Seichim is taught in three levels:
 Level One & Two (together), Master Level and Teacher Level.


  Usui Reiki
Level 2 is a pre-requisite