HTSO The Holistic Teaching and Support Organisation

Joining the HTS0 Team… The Holistic Teaching and Support Organisation….

 You will find it a truly life changing experience!logo

                   Do you want to be a Light going out into this world?
This is your opportunity to manifest your dreams.

Are you looking for a way to take yourself to the next level on your spiritual journey while at the same time creating abundance and prosperity but aren’t sure how to go about it?

Do you want to lead your own workshops and teach others about the amazing transformational  energies available now but don’t know where to start ?


Would you like to have a business that is READY MADE, sustainable and aligned with your inner passion and purpose?


Would you like to have the option to teach Full Time or Part time and still work in your current employment as you build up your business?


Would you like to be a member of an organisation which will give you all the ongoing support, training and opportunities you need to allow you to be successfully self employed and learn how to develop and run a successful holistic business?



Maybe you are already involved in the Holistic sector as a Relexologist, Reiki practitioner, Masseuse or maybe you teach Reiki and would like to expand to teach other workshops and need guidance and support in order to achieve that.


The great news is you CAN with the training, guidance and ongoing support that the HTSO can give you.


We are looking for keen, enthusiastic individuals who want to take a leap forward on their Spiritual path by becoming fully Accredited and Affiliated Teachers of  the HTSO,  The Holistic Teaching and Support Organisation.

Our planet and everyone on it is going through a great time of transformation and a shift in consciousness.  The more of us that are able and willing to be Light Workers and Teachers helping to raise the vibration so that we can all live at a higher frequency of love, wisdom and peace the better for all. The opportunities for spiritual growth right now are immense. We are all incredibly blessed to be here on earth at this time. Remember in order to create a better world we have to do ourselves what we would want others to do for us.

This is your opportunity to play a part in the Evolution of Human Consciousness by bringing the Light through your teaching to all who sign up for your workshops.